Design & Planning

Usually, we adopt the following methodology in designing the lab to suit your requirements:

  • To design the lab / lab furniture set up, we need the lab layout mentioning the following parameters.
  • The size of the room.
  • Size of the work benches (wall work benches, centre work benches, etc.), shower units, fume hoods, etc.
  • Required facilities like Sink, LPG connections (2 Way valve or 3 Way valve,etc.), Electrical connections (No.of sockets / type of sockets, etc.), Gas connections (like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Vacuum, etc.,), water inlet for sink, water outlet from sink, D.M Water, Distillation coolant water etc.
  • Material of Construction – Electro Galvanized Iron sheets / Wood / MDF / Stainless Steel, etc.
  • Type of Work top (Granite / Wood / MDF / Epoxy / Trespa / Phenolic resin, etc.).
  • Types of Reactions / Tests to be conducted at the table – Optional.
  • Possible chemical spillage on the table top and in the sink – Optional.
  • Ready reagents to be kept on the table – Optional.
  • Instruments / Equipments / Machineries used side by or on the top of the table. The weight and the dimensions of the equipments / Instruments / Machinery / Length, Breath/depth, height of the table – Optional.
  • After having considered the above factors and after the discussions, we used to submit a Two Dimensional Plan for your approval along with the specifications. Once, the same are accepted and specifications freezed, we submit our offer with General Terms and Conditions.
  • After the receipt of your Purchase Order, we prepare the Three Dimensional Drawings and send the same to you for your approval. You may also wish to alter/change some features in the said Three Dimensional Drawings. After final corrections and your approval, the same will be used as the Production Drawing for production, planning and control (PPC).
  • After your acceptance of the Three Dimensional Drawings we shall commence production and send you the delivery / installation schedules. We strictly adhere to the delivery/installation schedules.

Sample Layouts